Reliable and diligent team member that gets along with everyone. Very enthusiastic and proactive professional, someone who has the creativity and the enthusiasm to do the job.





European Technology and Innovation Awards 2019

Recognition for your contribution. WORLD TELENOVELAS AND FICTION SUMMIT (2005)

Medal of Peace UNITED NATIONS as a member of Staff (1977)


1977 - 1979

The first television

With fourteen years he began his adventure in television, being selected among more than 300 children and becoming part of the presenters of "Buenos Anuncios", program of Canal 13 Buenos Aires, which was the only winner of the Peace Medal grant the United Nations. He combines his bacheler studies specialized in letters, with some work as production assistant in advertising campaigns in Argentina, already acquiring audiovisual technical knowledge.


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1981 - 1984


At the end of his studies he also started a series of collaborations with Argentine advertising producers, taking the first technical and commercial contacts. Gradually adding experience, participating in successful programs, such as "Studio Philips", "Good day health", among others, from the hand of important producers and directors in television: Julio Moyano Producciones, Gerardo Mariani.

1981 - 1984

The Cinema

He takes his first steps in the Argentine cinema as meritorious production in the film "Fiebre amarilla" by Javier Torre and goes from Production Assistant in films like "Evita, who wants to hear you hear" by Eduardo Mignogna, "La mayoría silenciada" by Zuhair Jury, and international productions such as "Deathstalker", co-production between Aries Cinematográfica and New World Pictures by Roger Corman, becoming one of the youngest 2º head of film production as "Los tigres de la memoria" by Carlos Galettini

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1984 - 1986

The Music

His enthusiasm and interest shown in the work draws attention to Abraxas Producciones, company representative of the main musical artists of Argentina, being appointed personal assistant to its President and performing road manager functions in tours and concerts of León Gieco, Charly García , Fabulous Cadillacs, Alejandro Lerner, among others He participates in the realization of musical programs and retransmission of concerts, among others, of the local Tour of Joan Manuel Serrat in 1985, specializing in musical programs and concerts. In this environment he meets Gustavo Santaolalla, one of the most important Latin music producers, who makes him participate in the project "From Ushuaia to La Quiaca", a great national tour together with León Gieco, from which 4 albums and an audiovisual project of the most important in the country to date.


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1986 - 1995
Arrive to Spain

With all this knowledge and experience, he began his adventure in Spain in 1986, as an assistant production and advertising director, working with several of the country's most important producers such as Tesauro, Primer Plano, Mima Films, Contrapunto, and participating in advertising campaigns which are part of the country's audiovisual history, for example, "learn to use television. RTVE ", or the first elections to the European Parliament.

Restarts his activity in television, participating in the program "Viva el espectaculo" of TVE, made by Fernando Navarrete and presented by Concha Velasco, as Production Assistant.

Tele 5, the first private channel, hires him to work as a scriptwriter and director of self-promotions, for which he performs more than a hundred self-promotions on soap operas, movies, drawings, series and sports.

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Co-founded the production company Dos Mundos Comunicaciones, with which they get important collaborations as news producers for the Telemundo, USIA, Worldnet and TVMartí networks, covering, among others, the II Ibero-American Summit in Madrid (1992) and weekly reports for the program "Ocurrio Asi" of Telemundo.

Through the production company of Miguel de la Quadra Salcedo, Zipango 92, participates in the realization of the programs "Aventura '92", "Camel Trophy" and "Ruta Quetzal" for TVE. He collaborates with the production company Quart Produccions, known for the program "Saber y ganar", to produce and make several stories of the program "Valor y Coraje" (TVE), presented by Constantino Romero.

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1996 - 1999
Local Tv and First Formats

With this great professional profile, he decides to undertake a new experience, participating in the creation of local TV channels, traveling through Castellón, Murcia, among others, where he performs joint tasks of creation of formats, production, realization and chief of programming. From there come some of his ideas for the creation of content and television formats, which to date total more than 12 registered formats.

21st CENTURY - towards new technologies

Take a new step by creating your own production company, Iniciativas de Produccion, with which initiates a series of business synergies that allows you to produce and make some of its formats.

Expanding contacts and synergies, is hired by Videoreport (Vertice 360 ​​group), as a producer of "Sorteo de la ONCE", the ONCE Draw, program in which he works more than 6 years, having made the launch for the program and incorporating new draws, such as the "Superonce" generated by the company GTECH, which creates and directs a spot for TV. As a culmination to this period, he participates in the live performance of the program "Special 11/11/11 Draw", a joint production for TVE directed by Hugo Stuven.

It combines with other productions, such as the "" presentation for the Public Admon Ministry, educational videos for the Community of Madrid, concerts, among other works.


Idea and performs for the regional channel Aragón Televisión a musical contest, "Canta Conmigo", based on the Karaoke format. Due to the success of the format, it is hired by Canal Extremadura for which it produces and performs for two seasons the musical contest, renamed "Objetivo Karaoke", doubling the audience of viewers of the channel.


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At the beginning of 2010, he was hired to set up and perform "Pasión por el Turf", a program about the horse racing calendar of the year, which is carried out for TVE through its Teledeporte channel.


The production company Lixesa hired him to carry out the program "LazyTown Extra-Spain", which was broadcast in June 2011 through Clan / TVE, one of the most successful children's formats worldwide.


Closes production agreements with other Partners, which has allowed production and directing other productions, thus expanding the creation of new formats for the progressive opening of the new regional, national and DTT channels.


As a reminder of his time in cinema, he co-directs with Juan Dresán, the short film "Muerta en la Bañera" (Death of bathtub), which is also responsible for its recording and editing. Production that participates officially in the Miami Film Show Festival.


He travels to Miami, Florida, where he comes in contact with companies and channels, with which he collaborates, reaching important agreements, which allows him to export and create the Miami TV Spain franchise, with which he makes local productions for international dissemination. on multimedia platforms.

This last stage is expanded by creating an online tv, IPROTV.ES, thus exploring new markets and technological options to promote and offer audiovisual production and media coverage to professionals, companies, services and products.

Tasks in which he is currently, offering his extensive consolidated professional experience of 41 years working for Television, Cinema and Advertising.


A broad trajectory, which has not changed his way of being, his desire to continue learning and his respect for people.

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